Entrepreneur Auren Kaplan

Auren Kaplan is an entrepreneur, blogger, and marketing strategist.

After graduating from a Big Ten university in 2009, Auren went on a road trip to find his purpose and see America.

Auren was thankfully successful with pay-per-click affiliate marketing, and made $100-$200 a day in profit from his affiliate earnings for the entire duration of the road trip.

7 weeks and 10,000 miles later, Auren had visited 25 states and had found what he thought would be home:

Los Angeles, California.

Auren moved to coastal Los Angeles, and started blogging.

Auren’s performance marketing business was spending plenty of money, and earning a small profit.

After 1.25 years in Los Angeles, Auren moved back home to Detroit to attend to a family situation.

Returning to work, Auren worked for 10 years as a digital marketing strategist, thinking “one day, I will have a blog of my own”.

Auren worked as an entrepreneur when he wasn’t in his job, starting businesses and sometimes, succeeding.

Now, Auren has founded a new company, and hopes to succeed as a pro blogger, content creator, and strategist for his own business.

Thus, Auren founded AurenKaplan.com, a blog about business tools, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

Thank you for reading, and please check out all the articles!

If you are an affiliate manager, Auren looks forward to working with you and can’t wait to promote your products!