3 Ways Leadpages Gets Email Subscribers and Leads

Benefits of Leadpages

Leadpages is a sophisticated landing page builder, that is perfect for both marketing and sales. 

With Leadpages, you can build landing pages that get you email subscribers, building your email list. 

The money’s in the list. 

And it’s great for marketing, because you can then send emails to your list over and over again. 

That’s one of the benefits of Leadpages. 

Leadpages is also great for sales, because you can generate leads for the sake of lead nurturing, and lead scoring. 

The landing page builder Leadpages has a 14 day free trial, after which it’s only $49 a month. 

That’s an inexpensive landing page tool. 

Leadpages Has 250 Conversion Optimized Templates 

Benefits of LeadpagesOne of the great features of Leadpages is that it has 250 conversion optimized templates for you to customize. 

Leadpages features a no-code drag and drop editor that lets you customize as much as you want and make these landing page templates perfectly in brand with your projects and companies. 

These conversion optimized templates are the best and are a big benefit of Leadpages. 

Leadpages may be a less expensive option to Instapage – one hundred fifty dollars less a month – but it doesn’t lack in functionality. 

The landing page tool has done so much work to make these templates perfect for you, and you will be very happy with your results. 

Leadpages Is Perfect For Marketers Who Write White Papers 

Benefits of LeadpagesIf you work in a marketing department, especially when the product is B2B, then you have likely written some white papers and eBooks. 

We see them all over the internet. 

White papers and eBooks about every topic under the sun. 

The fact of the matter is that these white papers are great lead magnets – ways to generate leads. 

So, you can build the opt-in form and promote these white papers, getting people to download your white paper in exchange for lead data. 

What’s more, it’s very popular to view white papers from your tablet (link to Amazon).

If you work for a marketing department, you will want to subscribe to Leadpages simply to have the tool on-hand. 

For the record, a subscription to Leadpages tends to increase conversions. 

Also, it’s great for affiliate marketers who do pay-per-click PPC advertising to – you guessed it – a landing page. 


Leadpages is a superior tool for marketers and more or less anyone who needs to do online advertising with Google. 

It’s a must-have tool that makes life so much easier. 

With 250 conversion optimized templates, you can drag and drop your landing page to customize it without any code. 

And if you are writing white papers, then Leadpages is a great way to capture lead data and build a customized form. 

That’s a big benefit of Leadpages. 

Leadpages costs $49 a month, and has a 14 day free trial. 

Sign up for Leadpages today. 

Affiliate Disclaimer 

Full disclosure: whenever you click on a link on my blog that takes you to a sales page, I will earn a commission on your purchase of that product or service. This is called an affiliate commission. When I refer you to a site and you purchase the product, I earn a percentage of the purchase price. This is called affiliate marketing. You can read my tutorial on affiliate marketing. 

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Entrepreneur Auren Kaplan - Benefits of LeadpagesAuren Kaplan is a blogger, entrepreneur, and digital marketing strategist. He began his career in digital marketing with an online marketing business that practiced affiliate marketing while in college. After college, Auren moved from Detroit to Los Angeles, California, where he lived by the ocean for 15 months. After a family emergency forced Auren back home, Auren got started as an employee in digital marketing, working for various companies – mostly in manufacturing. Now, Auren works in suburban Detroit and plots ways to achieve more work-life balance and greater freedom. 

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