The Top 7 Best A/B Testing Tools For 2023

The Top 7 Best A/B Testing Tools recommends Instapage, LeadPages, and Unbounce for A/B testing tools with landing pages more than any competitor, and ActiveCampaign for A/B testing for email marketing. 

  1. Instapage 
  2. LeadPages 
  3. Unbounce 
  4. Freshworks 
  5. ActiveCampaign 
  6. Constant Contact 
  7. GetResponse 

Welcome to! In this article, we’re going to look at the top 7 A/B testing tools available for consumers and small businesses in 2023. 

A/B testing tools are really interesting these days, as marketers seek to increase conversions. 

The point of A/B testing is that when your website, social channel, or landing page has 2 different versions live at the same time, you can see what version performs better. 

By making small changes to variation 1 and variation 2 of your website, social channel, or landing page, you can increase conversions over time. 

My Story About A/B Testing Tools And Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketer Auren KaplanI learned a lot about A/B testing when I was running a performance marketing agency while in college and immediately after college. 

I was running Google Ads to an affiliate offer, and was spending between $100 – $300 a day on advertising.  

My ROAS, or Return-On-Ad-Spend was 1-3X, so if I was spending $200, I was likely making around $400 in revenue each day. 

The A/B testing I did on the Google AdWords advertisements were key in causing an improvement to my conversion ratio. 

Before I say too much, let’s dive into some important questions about A/B testing, and then, we’ll reveal the top 7 A/B testing platforms for 2023. 

What Is A/B Testing?

What Is A/B Testing?A/B testing is the marketing method of delivering 2 versions of one ad, website, landing page, or social channel for the purpose of seeing which of 2 versions performs better. 

When you have 2 variations, usually you have the control, which is the first version. And you have the B version, or the variation. 

The best practice is to change one thing per time, and the A is the control and the B is the variation. 

In order to see whether A or B performs better, you send the variations web visitors, either through an SEO approach or through a PPC pay-per-click paid advertising, on sites such as Google AdWords, or Bing Ads. 

After seeing which version performs better, you then make the higher performing version the new control, or A version, and then you change it with a B version. 

You then test and see which performs better again. 

You can go through 10 different iterations, and some companies practice unlimited iteration over time, to see what performs better. 

The Benefits of A/B Testing Tools

The Benefits of A/B TestingThere are many benefits of A/B testing tools.  

The first benefit of A/B testing is that you can increase your conversion percentage. 

With A/B testing, you see which version performs better. 

You can choose different metrics by which to measure performance. 

One of these metrics can be conversion percentage. 

Thus, you can see which version of your content performs better in terms of increased sales. 

When version A converts at 5%, and version B convert at 7%, then you would switch to version B, because you earned 2% more sales.  

While 2% isn’t a great amount, if you were making $1 million in revenue, and increased that by 2%, then you’d have earned an extra $20,000. 

The second benefit of A/B testing is that your content stays current. 

When you are doing A/B testing, you continuously refine and improve your content. 

This is an improvement to the usual approach of writing your content, and then leaving it there without ever changing it. 

When you do A/B testing on your content, your content stays more current, and consistent with what people want to see. 

Who Uses A/B Testing?

Who Uses A/B Testing?When we take a look at who uses A/B testing, we can see that marketers are usually at the top of the list. 

It’s a sure thing that people doing online marketing, internet marketing, and digital marketing all use A/B testing for their campaigns. 

These people especially use A/B testing when doing advertising campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. 

A/B testing is a great value add for advertising campaigns, as you can test different variations in order to improve your conversion percentage. 

People doing affiliate marketing also make great progress in their sales efforts when doing A/B testing.  

You might have one version of a landing page that gets sales, and another version of a landing page that converts even more. 

Choose the landing page that performs better in the A/B testing, and you will increase your sales. 

So, in sum, A/B testing is great for digital marketers, social media marketers, landing page experts, internet marketers, content creators, online advertisers, advertising agencies, and affiliate marketers. 

The Advantages of A/B Testing

The Advantages of A/B TestingOne advantage of A/B testing is that your content stays more up-to-date. 

With up-to-date content, you don’t have to worry about content getting stale or stagnant. 

By keeping your content current, you stay in tune with your customers and online prospects. 

Another advantage of A/B testing is that you can increase your revenues. 

A/B testing is great for seeing how the control – version A – performs, and then compare it with a variation, version B. 

When version B converts with more sales, then you switch to version B.  

You can do a second test with your new version A, and a secondary variation, to increase sales even more. 

A third advantage of A/B testing is that you add more value to your online advertising campaigns, which is great for clients. 

A/B testing is a best practice of online advertising campaigns. 

If you run an advertising agency and you are advertising for clients, then A/B testing is a great way to add more value to your offering. 

The Top 7 Best A/B Testing Tools of 2023

  1. Instapage

Instapage A/B Testing Tools

Intro: Instapage is a landing page tool, with A/B testing built into the landing page functionality.  

It features the ability to create really customized landing pages, with personalization and A/B experimentation built in.  

It’s really great for testing 2 variations of your landing page, which you can use in combination with an affiliate offer or online advertising campaign, or both. 

Best For: Instapage is best for marketers that have decided they are going to use landing pages to generate sales.  

The A/B testing functionality on Instapage allows marketers to build a landing page, send web visitors to that landing page through Google AdWords, Bing Ads, or Facebook Ads, and then create 2 variations to your landing page at one moment. 

The 2 variations will then be measured to see which version causes more conversions and customer actions. 

In this way, you can make more money from your AB testing. 

Instapage has corporate customers such as Verizon, SAP and Marriott, and is great for corporate marketing departments. 

Instapage is also strong for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as new businesses and affiliate marketers. 

Key Benefits and Features: One of the key benefits of Instapage is its versatility with respect to what you can post on the landing page. 

There are many tools within Instapage that help you customize your landing page and make it perfect for the people that see your advertisements. 

In addition, there are pre-formed templates that Instapage has taken great care to prepare for you, that are already optimized for conversions. 

So, when you choose one of these templates, you can be sure that you have a high-performing landing page template that can get you conversions when you add in the right ad copy. 

Pricing: $149 / month, annual pricing or $199 / month, monthly pricing 

Link: Click Here To Sign Up For Instapage! 


2. LeadPages 

LeadPages A/B Testing Tools

Intro: LeadPages has incredible A/B testing functionality, and is a landing page platform that converts and gets sales.  

LeadPages offers unlimited A/B testing for landing pages, and features the opportunity to distribute web visitors based on percentages. 

In other words, 60% goes to variation A, and 40% goes to variation B, or 50%/50%, or 20%/80%! 

LeadPages integrates with apps, from Zapier to Facebook to Salesforce, so you can track the leads generated from your landing page, and automate marketing workflows. 

In sum, LeadPages is a high-performance landing page and A/B testing platform that helps you gain conversions for your marketing initiatives. 

I recommend LeadPages without reservation.

Best For: LeadPages is best for busy professionals that need landing pages for their everyday marketing activities. 

Digital marketing managers will benefit from LeadPages because they will be more able to generate leads from landing pages. 

Pay-Per-Click PPC managers are more likely to experience bumps in conversions when using LeadPages for their landing pages with their Google AdWords or Bing Ads accounts. 

Social media marketers will benefit from LeadPages landing pages for their social media posts that they want to use to drive engagement, lead generation, and real results. 

Key Benefits and Features: LeadPages has unlimited functionality to its landing page builder. 

You can add in text and video as you please and make it your own. 

The templates of LeadPages for both landing pages and websites are so beautiful. 

The designs are very artfully crafted, and you will be astounded by their graphic design wizardry. 

The drag-and-drop feature lets you customize your landing pages to perfection. 

LeadPages has impressed me considerably, and I recommend LeadPages without reservation.

Pricing: $74 / month or $37 / month billed annually, $99 / month or $49 / month billed monthly 

Link: Click Here To Sign Up For LeadPages! 

3. Unbounce  

Unbounce A/B Testing Tools

Intro: Unbounce is a premium landing page provider and a leader in the field. 

I have used Unbounce to build highly complex and sophisticated landing pages, to great effect. 

Unbounce is industry driven and is best for SaaS, Agencies, Ecommerce, and Small Business, as well as Professional Services firms. 

Unbounce is revealing its Conversion Intelligence Platform, which is a major upgrade from Classic Unbounce, which is still available and very high performance. 

Best For: Unbounce is best for Software-as-a-Service companies, agencies, ecommerce, and small businesses everywhere business is conducted.  

Also good for professional services such as accountants. 

Key Benefits and Features: Unbounce can be used for email marketing, search engine advertising – where it’s mostly used – and social media marketing. 

It offers intelligent routing of web visitors to the right version of your landing page – AB testing – and because of this, has a significant advantage. 

Unbounce features lead generation capability. 

Unbounce also features ecommerce integrations, so you can earn from your shopping cart. 

All said, Unbounce makes your life easier for the digital marketer, and tends to get improved an improved result for your digital marketing.

Pricing: From $81 / month to $518 / month annually, or $90 / month to $575 / month paid monthly 

Link: Click Here To Sign Up For Unbounce! 

4. Freshworks 

Freshworks A/B Testing Tools

Intro: Freshworks is an up-and-coming software company with some really interesting offers. 

Freshworks now offers Freshmarketer, which calls itself “unified marketing, sales, and support CRM”. 

Freshmarketer by Freshworks lets you build landing pages to test and measure the success of your advertising copy. 

These landing pages have A/B testing integration to measure outcomes and improve conversion rates. 

While Freshworks is a newer company, it has worked considerably to build its brand and as a result its business tools are better than ever before.

Consider a purchase or a free trial to get started learning about Freshworks.

Best For: Freshworks, and Freshmarketer by Freshworks, are best for in-house marketing departments that want to try a different approach to their landing pages and marketing, and have a really superior experience the entire while. 

Key Benefits and Features: A/B testing is integrated into Freshmarketer in order to validate website design, landing page builds, and conversion optimization. 

You can design high-converting landing pages without ever having to code. 

You can build multi-step landing pages, causing you to have a successful product funnel that can drive conversions, with A/B testing every step of the way. 

Deliver personalized experiences through A/B testing that converts. 

Pricing: From $19 a month to $299 a month, Add-Ons from $100 a month 

Link: Click Here To Sign Up For Freshworks! 

5. ActiveCampaign 

ActiveCampaign A/B Testing Tools

Intro: ActiveCampaign is known for email marketing, but it’s actually much more than that. 

ActiveCampaign features marketing automation, CRM, and landing pages that are known to convert. 

In addition, you can do lead nurturing, lead scoring, and integrate with SalesForce. 

ActiveCampaign features an Omnichannel marketing offer, that includes landing pages as part of a broader suite of omnichannel tools that are impressive to the market. 

ActiveCampaign features A/B testing for email marketing that is very impressive.

Best For: Best for veteran marketers that like to integrate their email, marketing automation, lead nurturing, CRM, and landing pages with over 870 available integrations. 

Key Benefits and Features: You can do A/B testing with ActiveCampaign, this time with email subject lines. 

Rather than send out an email and wish and pray for success, you can test 2 different email headlines, and see which one performs better! 

There is a lot of A/B testing functionality when it comes to their marketing automation as well. 

You can automate workflows with the marketing automation, and A/B test different workflows to measure conversions. 

Pricing: From $29 / month to $149 / month, billed annually 

Link: Click Here To Sign Up For ActiveCampaign! 


6. Constant Contact 

Constant Contact A/B Testing Tools

Intro: Constant Contact is known as an email marketing client, another word for saying email marketing platform. 

To be sure, it is an industry leader in email marketing. 

However, there are many other benefits to Constant Contact: Marketing automation, landing pages, and A/B testing. 

Constant Contact is an industry top performer, and we recommend signing up with them whether you need email marketing, marketing automation, or landing pages. 

Best For: Constant Contact is best for professional services firms, and small businesses that are getting started with email marketing, as well as experienced entrepreneurs who understand complexities in marketing and automation. 

Key Benefits and Features: One of the first key benefits of Constant Contact is all the design templates that they have for emails. 

Yes, to be sure, many emails are plain text, and that’s okay, but the design templates are beautiful for fashion or entertainment. 

Another benefit is that Constant Contact lets you create workflow automations for your marketing, that move users along a path to the customer journey. 

Constant Contact has list-building tools to enable you to increase the size of your email list, and that gives you ample opportunity to secure more earnings and conversions. 

Pricing: From $9.99 a month to $45 a month 

Link: Click Here To Sign Up For Constant Contact!  


7. GetResponse 

GetResponse for A/B Testing Tools

Intro: GetResponse is another email marketing platform that does so much more marketing than email marketing. 

GetResponse gives you not only best-in-class email marketing but also landing pages, marketing automation, sales funnels, and SMS messaging to your customers. 

While many people go with GetResponse for email marketing, it is a full-service solution for the modern marketer, and I highly recommend GetResponse if you still haven’t made a decision. 

Best For: GetResponse is great for online marketers, both those working for small and medium-sized businesses, and also stay-at-home marketers who make a living online. 

Key Benefits and Features: GetResponse is best known for its email marketing features, which are very powerful and work great. 

You can also complete some fairly sophisticated marketing automation workflows with GetResponse. 

In addition, GetResponse is great for internet marketers because it has a webinar feature that works beautifully. 

In sum, GetResponse is integrated digital marketing for the 21st century – a new millennium tool. 

Pricing: From $19 / month to $119 / month for email, marketing automation, and ecommerce marketing. 

Link: Sign Up For GetResponse Today! 


Summary & Conclusion 

In sum, we can agree that A/B testing is a very powerful mechanism for achieving more conversions and better results in your marketing. 

Instapage, LeadPages, and Unbounce each outperform in the ability to perform A/B testing for landing pages. These business tools are highly recommended, and will immediately make a difference in your work.

ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, and GetResponse each outperform in their ability to do A/B testing for email marketing, with landing page functionality as well. 

Freshworks and Freshmarketer are so impressive to me, and I imagine their business will increase dramatically in the future, and they do have A/B testing for your website and landing pages. 

Whether you need A/B testing for your landing pages, or you want an A/B testing tool that helps you test out email campaigns with A/B testing, these tools get the job done.

I really like the A/B testing option for the email marketing platforms, where you can test 2 subject lines to a percentage of your list, and then send the winner to the remaining percentage.

Thank you for reading, and please be sure to visit here often to find more reviews and recommendations about business tools and other software.

Again, here is a list of the top 7 A/B testing tools. 

  1. Instapage
  2. Leadpages 
  3. Unbounce 
  4. Freshworks 
  5. ActiveCampaign
  6. Constant Contact 
  7. GetResponse

Please visit one or more of the above merchants and consider making a purchase of an A/B testing tool that can increase the quality of your online advertising – pay-per-click – and can help your conversions.

A/B testing tools are big with affiliate marketers that do pay-per-click PPC campaigns, and also – very often used by small and medium sized business, as well as marketing departments and their employees.

When you use an A/B testing tool, whether for your landing pages or for your email marketing, be sure to test often.

The more you test your campaigns, the more you can optimize your conversion percentage, and that does wonders for your bottom line.

Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day!

Affiliate Disclosure 

It is relevant for you to know that I earn an affiliate commission whenever you make a purchase of one of the above products, and for this article, A/B testing tools. gratefully appreciates your support of our blog and our bloggers by purchasing business tools from our affiliate links. 

About The Author 

Entrepreneur Auren KaplanAuren Kaplan is an entrepreneur and social good ambassador. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2009, Auren moved to Los Angeles and found the good in life. After returning to Detroit, Auren began work in the digital marketing world, and never looked back. Now, Auren is seeking freedom and work-life balance while re-establishing himself as a digital entrepreneur. 

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