The Top 7 Most Useful Leadpages Strategies

There are so many useful ways to use Leadpages strategies to get more conversions. 

Certainly, getting more conversions and earning more email subscribers are the two main objectives when talking about Leadpages strategies. 

So, the next step is, what are the Leadpages strategies that will help me to earn more email subscribers, and get more conversions. 

Leadpages is already optimized for these two tasks, and that is a big benefit of Leadpages. 

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The 7 Most Useful Leadpages Strategies 

Strategies For LeadpagesWithout further ado, let’s get started by reviewing the 7 major Leadpages strategies that we believe are the most efficient at causing the 2 results we have outlined. 

The 2 results that you get from a landing page, more than anything else, are one, an increase in email subscribers and two, more conversions.

Conversions = Sales. 

Getting more email subscribers is a major objective of building a landing page, because as internet marketers often like to say, the money’s in the list. 

Building your email list through online advertising with a landing page is a great way to get new email subscribers. 

With more email subscribers, you can market to your list for a lifetime and gain as much income from your list as possible. 

With more conversions, you are getting sales for your products and services, because of the landing page. 

The Strategy of the Squeeze Page – Leadpages Strategies For Success

Squeeze PageThe first of seven Leadpages strategies that I want to talk about is the “strategy of the squeeze page”. 

The Strategy of the Squeeze Page is very simple. 

You build a simple, formatted landing page – often with Leadpages – where the result is that the web visitor clicks on a button, opening a dialog box, and then enters in their email address. 

Usually, you offer what is called a Lead Magnet in exchange for the email address. 

Some people will give their email address in exchange for a webinar, or a 5-video course on how to start a blog, etc. 

People will give you their email address for any number of reasons. 

What I am getting at is that you offer something of value, for example a free course, a free webinar, a free exclusive video, a free eBook, a free white paper, or anything similar. 

Each of those above topics are called Lead Magnets. 

When you offer a lead magnet to your web visitor on your landing page, then they will sign up. 

The point here is a Squeeze Page is a simple landing page, with a headline and some text, and an image or video, and then the only option is the opt-in. 

So, in summation, a Squeeze Page gives the web visitor to the landing page the only option of signing up for an email list – where you then do future marketing. 

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The Strategy of the Review Page 

Review PagesThe second of the Leadpages strategies that I want to go over with you is the Strategy of the Review Page. 

You have undoubtedly seen the Review Page before in action, while doing your Google searches. 

You are looking at a certain category of items. 

The category could be web hosting, or it could be landing page software, or it could be website builders. 

Usually, you see these in the form of the Top 10 List, at the top of the search bar, in the ads section. 

With a review page, you highlight the benefits of the Top 10 products in your category. 

You format a list, and you have buttons directing people to the company pages. 

These review landing pages have minted some people a small fortune! 

I have heard of ordinary people becoming millionaires because of these review pages. 

One thing that you can do is click on a few of these as a test and see how the competition are forming their landing pages. 

Do a review landing page that is substantially similar to the competition. 

Don’t deviate too much. 

The point of this statement is to remind you that you, too, can quickly become a high performing internet marketer. 

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The Strategy of the Sales Letter 

Sales Letter, a Leadpages strategyThe third of the Leadpages strategies that I want to go over with you is the Strategy of the Sales Letter. 

When you are using Leadpages, the tendency is to format your landing page with respect to the templates that are provided by Leadpages. 

Now, a few of you have studied the subtle art of copywriting, and for these people, the idea of the sales letter is not so foreign. 

Now, for those of you that haven’t heard of copywriting, it’s the art of writing for businesses – writing for advertising is called copywriting. 

So, it’s very crucial. 

What some of you haven’t thought of is applying the sales letter strategy to a Leadpages landing page. 

A sales letter is long form content that you write to cause the reader to click at the bottom of the letter and make a purchase or sign up for an email list. 

With Leadpages, the sales letters you can format look so much cleaner and more beautiful. 

And you don’t have to worry about conversions, because Leadpages landing pages are pre-optimized for conversion response. 

So, if you want to write a sales letter to your core audience, then give Leadpages a 14 day free trial. 

The Strategy of the White Paper – One of the Top Leadpages Strategies

Use a White PaperThe fourth of the Leadpages strategies for getting more conversions and gaining more email subscribers is the Strategy of the White Paper. 

There are so many pre-customized templates available on Leadpages for you to set up for the download of a White Paper. 

This is done in exchange for lead data such as name, email, phone, job title, and company name. 

In short, you write a White Paper, format it beautifully with your design team, and then save it to PDF. 

Then, you go into Leadpages and format a landing page to serve as the home page of this White Paper. 

You make sure to have all your customer data boxes prepared. 

Then, you set it up so that after the customer enters their data into the boxes, then they can get the White Paper emailed to them through your email auto-responder. 

The Strategy of the White Paper works great for established businesses, as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs that are B2B providers. 

It also works if you substitute a Lead Magnet for a White Paper. 

Theoretically, you could give away any sort of Lead Magnet and get the email subscriber. 

White Papers, however, are more formatted, more ready for work, and have better information than other forms of Lead Magnets. 

If you want to write White Papers to generate leads and subscribers, then sign up for Leadpages for 14 days free. 

The Strategy of the Appointment Scheduling 

Appointment SchedulingThe fifth of the Leadpages strategies that we are going to talk about today is the Strategy of the Appointment Scheduling. 

Appointment Scheduling is becoming a much more popular form of business, especially for B2B providers. 

Whether you run a chiropractic clinic or you sell social media marketing to manufacturing companies, setting appointments has become key for small businesses. 

With the addition of social media advertising, many businesses are now able to generate dozens of appointments per month for their coaching, consulting, B2B provider, or medical business. 

There are so many opportunities with this Leadpages strategy. 

So, what you do is you go into Leadpages, and you choose one of the right templates. 

Then, you make the Call-To-Action a button that links to your appointment scheduling service – I use Square, and others use Calendly. 

People are won over by the copy – what’s written – on your landing page, and by the time they reach the button they’re going to want to sign up for an appointment. 

There are experts who are great at this, and you might want to hire one. 

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The Strategy of the Company Overview + Email Opt-In 

Company Overview - Leadpages StrategiesThe sixth of the Leadpages strategies is the Strategy of the Company Overview + Email Opt-In. 

With 250 pre-customized no-code templates, Leadpages stands out against the competition. 

What’s more, it’s no-code drag-and-drop editor lets you customize landing pages like it’s a breeze. 

In this strategy, what you do is you make your landing page a company overview. 

You identify your products and services. 

You speak to company identity. 

You highlight key employees. 

Then, you add an Email Opt-In, for people who want to get to know more about your company. 

It’s a simple strategy, with long term value for lead nurturing through an email marketing platform. 

When you do a company overview, you familiarize your audience with your company, and then getting the email opt-in is as simple as associating your company with solving a problem that your customer has. 

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The Strategy of the Product Overview + Email Opt-In + Sales Opportunity 

Product OverviewThe seventh Leadpages strategy that I want to share with you is the Strategy of the Product Overview. 

This is a great opportunity for people that want to make money while as Amazon affiliates, for example. 

What you do is build a Leadpages landing page that optimizes the content around interest and consideration of a specific product. 

You will want to talk about benefits and features. 

Certainly, you will want to have an email opt-in, so people can learn more. 

Alternatively, you can go directly for the sale, with a link to a purchase on the landing page. 

You could interestingly have an email opt-in at the beginning of the landing page, and at the end of the landing page, you could place an order form or a link to a sales page. 

Product overviews work great with physical products, such as those available for sale on Amazon. 

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In summary, here is a list of the 7 Leadpages strategies that are most useful for you: 

  • The Strategy of the Squeeze Page 
  • The Strategy of the Review Page 
  • The Strategy of the Sales Letter 
  • The Strategy of the White Paper 
  • The Strategy of the Appointment Scheduling 
  • The Strategy of the Company Overview + Email Opt-In 
  • The Strategy of the Product Overview + Email Opt-In + Sales Opportunity 

While there are plenty more Leadpages strategies for you to consider, these above 7 Leadpages strategies are relatively intrinsic to Leadpages, and can make a big difference for you. 

Squeeze pages get email addresses. 

Review pages get sales. 

Sales letters get sales. 

White papers get lead generation. 

Appointment scheduling gets future customers and clients. 

Company overviews get email subscribers. 

Product overviews get both email subscribers and sales. 

As we said in the intro to this article, there are two key reasons to build a landing page. 

Reason 1 is getting more email subscribers. 

Reason 2 is getting more sales, also known as conversions. 

Now that you have all this knowledge, it’s time to take action! 

Click the link and sign up for your free access to Leadpages and make use of these Leadpages strategies! 

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