How To Find Your Affiliate Program On ShareASale

ShareASale Affiliate Network

In this tutorial, I want to share with you how to find your affiliate program on ShareASale. 

Possibly, you found this article after reading a blog post on, where I recommended that you join an affiliate program on ShareASale. 

Because there are so many programs on ShareASale, I want to be sure that you can find the program I recommended. 

The program we will work with today is ShareASale’s #1 performing program: ZenBusiness.

Find Your Affiliate Program With ShareASale

Let’s get started by joining the ZenBusiness affiliate program, one of the Top 100 Affiliate Programs on ShareASale 

The Top 100 Affiliate Programs on ShareASale

When you sign up with ShareASale – it takes about 1-3 days before your application is accepted – there is a list of the Top 100 Highest Performing Affiliate Programs on ShareASale! 

This list is the money. 

The reason is that you can promote these top 100 programs on, and you are almost guaranteed to make at least some money. 

You simply write 30-60 articles per program on, and the money rolls in. 

These programs are the 100 best selling programs on ShareASale, an affiliate network with thousands of offers. 

So if you are setting up your blog, and you want to promote some offers – but aren’t sure where to start – then go to the Top 100 Affiliate Programs on ShareASale. 

Here’s how: 

How To Get To The Top 100 Affiliate Programs On ShareASale 

First, you sign up as an affiliate with ShareASale. 

Go to, and in the upper right corner, hover over Sign Up and choose Sign Up As An Affiliate. 

Find Affiliate Program On ShareASale

You fill out all the required information, and be sure to explain how you will promote your offers. 

E.g. “I will promote my offers through a blog SEO content strategy. I am interested in numerous verticals, though I really like fashion. I write 30-60 articles per affiliate program, and get these articles ranked on Google for various keywords that I have researched. I then add users to my email list, to promote offers again.” 

Please don’t simply copy paste, but paraphrase this or write something yourself! 

It takes about 1-3 days before you’re approved for ShareASale, but when you’re approved, you will arrive to this screen: 

Affiliate Programs With ShareASale

The next step is to go to the Top 100 Affiliate Programs. 

Start by clicking on “Merchants”, and then “Search For Merchants”. 

Affiliate Programs On ShareASale

Then, you click on the circle that says “Power Rank”. See image below. 

Affiliate Programs On ShareASale

Finally, you have arrived at the Top 100 Highest Performing Affiliate Programs on ShareASale! 

Affiliate Programs With ShareASale

Take the first one, and prepare to promote it! 

Realistically, you can promote each of the Top 100 with 20-40 articles per topic. 

If you are too busy to write yourself, you can always hire content from freelancers, and they’ll write it for you. 

If you want to be a blogger who writes every day, then focus on the top 10 programs, and do one article a day – one program per month. 

Start with building a blog at, and then write the content for each program! 

You should comfortably earn a few hundred dollars a month from each program you promote. 

Ready to get started? 

Sign up as an affiliate with ShareASale! 

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