On Abundance

On Abundance

You don’t go with what you don’t have. 

You go with what you want, as what you have in the future – and what you have or already have now. 

Abundance doesn’t worry. 

Abundance hugs the moment – think about what it feels like to be hugged. 

All of a sudden, it’s Abundance-based thoughts. Without the negative reaction… this is the sweet spot of Abundance.  

“I am so blessed to be in a position of wealth and abundance.” 

“I am an amazing creator of wealth.” 

“I have everything I need to create the life that I want.” 

“I am abundant. I am wealthy.” 

“I am attracting the wealth that I truly deserve.” 

Abundance is a magical thing! 

All of a sudden, you stop the patterns of hate, division, harm, lack, regret, self-doubt. 

And you start with Abundance. 

It’s a state of being. 

You are worthy of abundance. We generally all are. 

One more person’s financial freedom didn’t make too big of a wave. 

When you are grateful for all that you have, then everything comes to you. 

Abundance has a lot to do with the Law of Attraction. 

So many of us see the Law of Attraction as something to do with attracting wealth into your life. 

For many of us, wealth can be for the benefit of everyone around you, and that gets you blessed and rich. 

I have wealth. 

Or, I have freedom.

Where does the first thought go… 

“Yea, but… “ 

“All these things about how I don’t have enough freedom.” 

“Man, I wish I had freedom.” 

You start to figure out – synthesize – that it’s your mindset of lack that causes you to be less free, or less wealthy. 

Thoughts create the emotions you feel, and the actions you take. 

Thoughts form the vibrations of your body. 

And like attracts like with the emotions you feel, actions you take, and the vibrations of your body. All three. 

“Man, I wish I had money..” 

“I don’t make enough money.” 

“I’m actually more poor than the average American.” 

You should see things differently. Those thoughts attract people thinking the same thing.

“I want to use wealth to the benefit of those around me.” 

“I am blessed, and rich, or soon-to-be rich.” 

“I am grateful to be in this current position, because it’s who I am, and it reflects my past thoughts, emotions, actions, and vibrations – who I was – and now, I create my own destiny more consciously. Everything I focus on becomes who I am, so I focus on wealth and abundance, and I notice those moments when I fall back into lack. I attract my current state of mind, emotion, action, and vibration – that’s true whether good or bad – and I am worthy of superior experiences. That’s why I choose what to focus on now, in every area of my life.” 

Abundance is here, in your neighborhood, now, already. The Millionaire Next Door. 

There could one day be a day when we are all Abundant. 

Until Abundance, you can be abundant – focusing on wealth, blessings, riches, freedom, success, and abundance. 

Be an amazing creator of wealth. You deserve wealth. 

Have everything you need to create the life you want. 

Be Abundant. 

Be Wealthy – but realistic about what you have – so you don’t spend too much – but be in control of this. 

Give What You Get. Because You Get What You Give. 

Attract The Frequency You Send Out Into The World.   You already do! You get it? 

Welcome to Abundance. 

It’s a choose your own adventure kind of life. 

All those constraints that hold you back – those are temporary. They don’t have to define who you are. 

“But I am my constraints.” 

Well, that’s what’s interesting. What you are is what you’ve lived, and what you’ve thought and felt and believed, and done, and your reactions. 

How you react is what you attract. 

Choose to react with abundance. 

And now all of a sudden being a millionaire seems more realistic.  

Or marrying one. 

Money flows easily to you – an abundance thought. 

Whether it’s true or not, you have the power to change this. 

That’s empowerment. 

Empower – and then in power. 

Empower – and then in abundance. 

Everything you want is coming to you. It’s called Abundance. 

The truth is everything is coming at you, according to who you are: 

  1. Your mind, and its thoughts 
  1. Your emotions 
  1. Your decisions 
  1. Your actions 
  1. Your habits – decisions you make over and over again. Sort of like Thursday beer night. 

You get what you are. 

You attract who you are, because like attracts like. 

Or, you repel who you are. 

Either way, that person is really a lot like you. 

Because they’re in or near your life. 

You attract the frequency you send out in your neighborhood. 

Change your frequency to abundance. 

If you don’t know how to do that, change your thoughts to abundance. 

Change your emotions to abundance. 

Change your decisions to abundance. 

Then you’ll live from Abundance. 

You can still be realistic. 

You deserve and are worthy of Abundance. 

The point is that Abundance is a choice. 

Everything you get is a result of who you are and the way things are. 

Some people are how they are. 

Michigan makes cars. So they understand the American people, to sell you cars. 

Texas makes oil. So they understand the Saudis, to sell their oil. 

California makes movies. So they understand what interests you, to sell you interesting movies. 

People are how they are.  

And they attract what they are. 

You might attract Michigan, because you understand the American people, but you want California, but you’re not reflecting what’s interesting enough. 

Attract interesting, then. 

So there’s structures, and they don’t all give you whatever you want. 

But many do… 

Go to Google or Bing, and search “Abundance”. 

See what happens. 

Life goes as it goes, but according to your own mind as a filter! 

Your mind deciphers the present moment and gives you an experience. 

So attune your mind to Abundance. 

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