Best Saints in the Game Saint Seiya Awakening

Best Saints in the Game Saint Seiya Awakening

Find out who are the most valuable warriors in the new Saint Seiya Awakening game.

To do well in Saint Seiya: Awakening , having the best combat strategies is not enough. Often the victor in a battle is decided before it even begins on the character selection screen.

Fiddling with a battle team before facing that tough boss can be the secret to success. And not always the drive with the highest rarity is the one you need to use.

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In this list, we have separated some extremely valuable units – from the ones you should cherish if you can summon them. Check out:

kiki –

kiki saint seiya

Don’t be confused by its rarity: Kiki is one of the most useful support units of the entire game. As soon as you summon Mu’s young apprentice, raise his level so that he gains access to the Psychokinesis ability, which basically grants you free energy points each turn.

Libra Dohko –

 libra dohko saint seiya

The young version of the Elder Master is as powerful as it is rare. He is already one of the strongest units in the game even at the start of a match, but he gets even more powerful as he collects Tiger Souls with the help of his passive ability. Because of this, Dohko is even more valuable alongside Sextans luna.

Sextans Luna –

Sextans Luna saint seiya

Like Kiki, Luna shows her value in combat when acting as a support. Its Star Fate Prayer ability enables another Allied Knight to act twice in a single turn – something that is useful in virtually any formation.

Sagittarius Aiolos –

Sagittarius Aiolos saint seiya

Alongside powerful allies, Aiolos basically functions as a huge cannon on the battlefield. His basic attack, Golden Arrows, combines the attacking power of three of his allies in a single blow that is capable of destroying monsters and even bosses at once.

Scylla io –

scylla io saint seiya awakening

This General Marina is possibly the most powerful unit A in the whole game. Summoning Scylla, Io is able to consistently deal damage at a low cost. He is a great invocation for easily fitting into any type of training.

eagle marin –

eagle marin saint seiya

The perfect supporting character, Marin manages to restore the health of all her allies with the Eagle God’s Technique ability, whose healing strength depends on her cosmic percentage. In its evolved form, it becomes a defensive pillar capable of resisting the most powerful attacks.

Chameleon June –

Chameleon June saint seiya

Effective especially when paired with Marin, June manages to extend the duration of battles with his Vines Growth ability, which dramatically reduces the damage dealt by opponents most powerful attacks.

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