3 Reasons Why Leadpages Is An Inexpensive Landing Page Tool

Leadpages Landing Pages

The Leadpages landing page tool might be my favorite landing page tool, starting with its drag and drop editor. 

With the Leadpages landing page tool, you get a no-code drag and drop editor that lets you create landing pages with ease. 

The drag and drop editor is one of the big benefits of Leadpages and its landing page tool. 

That said, for many people that want to build landing pages, it comes down to cost. 

Can I afford Leadpages? 

That’s often the question. 

So many small business owners doing online marketing want to use landing pages for online advertising, but they don’t really have the budget. 

For those people, Leadpages has a 14 day free trial, and after it’s only $49 a month. 

An Inexpensive Landing Page Tool For Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Departments, & Affiliate Marketers 

Landing Page Tool LeadpagesLeadpages is the most inexpensive landing page tool available on the market. 

For $49 a month, or $37 a month paying annually, Leadpages is the best bang for the buck. 

You’ll find that Leadpages continues to compete on quality, value, and user experience. 

I believe Leadpages to be as superior as Instapage or Unbounce. 

In many ways, Leadpages is the best landing page tool

To be sure, it’s the most inexpensive landing page tool, and that makes Leadpages available to small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing departments, and affiliate marketers. 

Leadpages Outperforms With 250 Customized Templates 

Leadpages Landing Page Tool OutperformsLeadpages outperforms whether you are building a squeeze page to get the email address or a long form sales page to generate conversions. 

The key feature that is so impressive is its 250 customized templates. 

When you sign up for Leadpages, you’ll find that the pre-customized templates make things so easy for users of Leadpages.

Certainly, Leadpages gets the job done, and the reason why is that 90% of the design work is done for you – one of the best benefits of Leadpages. 

All that’s left for you to do is to customize the templates, and you’ll be ready to post your landing page. 

Leadpages is also mobile responsive, allowing you to build landing pages that work on tablets – link to Amazon. 

The Leadpages Landing Page Tool Gets You Doing Online Advertising, On A Budget 

Leadpages Landing Page Tool For Online AdvertisingIf you are on a budget, but still want to do the online advertising, then Leadpages is the best choice for landing page software. 

Many fortunes have been made with a $1,000 test on Google AdWords. 

The key is to have a high performing landing page for your Google ads. 

Be sure to have your landing page direct to your URL at yourname.com, where you should start a blog. 

With Leadpages, the custom URL is easy to install and takes only minutes, plus helps you get conversions for your online advertising. 

It is imperative that you use a landing page for your online advertising. 

Nowadays, every ad I click on goes to a landing page. 

Leadpages is the landing page builder of choice if you are looking for an inexpensive option with all the benefits of Leadpages and features, too. 


Leadpages is inexpensive for most landing page tools and features the drag-and-drop editor that makes landing pages so easy. 

Leadpages is the best choice for landing page software for people on a budget – it does a great job. 

I recommend Leadpages without reservation, and have used it before successfully. 

Leadpages has a 14 day free trial, and then is only $49 a month. 

Sign up for a Leadpages free trial today. 

Affiliate Disclaimer 

I do earn a sales commission whenever you purchase a subscription to Leadpages. This disclaimer is fully compliant with the FTC rules on affiliate disclaimers. While I do earn a commission from your purchase of Leadpages, I am still an objective reviewer in that I have used Leadpages before and I vouch for it. Thank you for your support of this blog! 

About Author Auren Kaplan 

Entrepreneur Auren Kaplan - Benefits of LeadpagesAuren Kaplan is a blogger, entrepreneur, and affiliate marketer. A native Michigander, Auren moved to Los Angeles, California after college, and made a home in West LA. Living by the coast was incredible for Auren, who managed to live steps from the ocean on $840 a month! This incredible experience lasted 15 months, before Auren returned home to Detroit to handle a family emergency. Ever since, Auren has been working in online and digital marketing, and has helped 2 startups achieve a successful exit. 


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