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Today, I want to talk about the top 7 key benefits of Leadpages for today’s consumers and businesses. 

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or work in a marketing department, you will find that Leadpages has extraordinary benefits that give advantage to its users. 

There is a 14-day free trial of Leadpages, and you can click the link to sign up. 

Whether you want to sign up now or you’re still not quite convinced, we have found that Leadpages has many benefits that can improve the quality of experience for its users and subscribers. 

Without delay, let’s dive into the top 7 key benefits of Leadpages. 

The 7 Key Benefits of Leadpages 

LeadPages for Landing Pages

  1. The Inexpensive Landing Page Builder 
  2. The Mobile Responsive Landing Page Builder 
  3. Gets More Email Subscribers (Leads) 
  4. Gets Conversions For Your Online Advertising 
  5. Makes Hard Tasks Easy 
  6. Anyone Can Use Leadpages Successfully 
  7. Includes A/B Testing 

The benefits of Leadpages are many, though #3 – getting more email subscribers – really gets into the point of Leadpages. 

It’s about getting leads! 

If you are building a landing page, chances are that you want to gather lead data – especially, the coveted email address. 

It’s all about building your list, and the money’s in the list. 

There are many benefits of Leadpages, as I will explain below. 

Let’s take a more in-depth look at all 7 key benefits of Leadpages. 

Leadpages Is An Inexpensive Landing Page Builder 

Benefits of Leadpages Low Price InexpensiveLeadpages costs considerably less than many other landing page builders. 

Leadpages also happens to have more or less the same functionality as these other landing page builders. 

The cost of Leadpages is very reasonable, and even if you’re scrounging for your last $100 you can still afford the 14-day free trial and the inexpensive price of Leadpages. 

My research has shown that you can sign up for Leadpages with a 14-day free trial, and after the free trial has ended, you can keep using Leadpages for only $37 a month, paid annually. 

It’s inexpensive, and that’s something I really appreciate about Leadpages. 

However, keep in mind that Leadpages is still the landing page editor of choice for so many marketing departments, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. 

All said, one of the benefits of Leadpages is that Leadpages is very inexpensive. 

Leadpages is a leader in its field and is often first to innovate. 

One Of The Benefits of Leadpages Is A Mobile Responsive Landing Page Builder 

Benefits of LeadpagesOne of the things I really like about Leadpages is that their landing page builder is mobile responsive. 

This is crucial these days, when so many people are using Google ads from their mobile phone. 

With more people clicking on ads from mobile devices than from desktop computers, it’s imperative that your landing page platform has mobile responsive built in. 

One of the benefits of Leadpages is that Leadpages is great about being mobile responsive. 

This ensures that your ads are seen and interacted with, to a positive outcome, on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets (click for Amazon). 

It’s possible to edit your landing page specifically for mobile, to make sure it looks good and functions great. 

So, when you need your landing page software to be mobile responsive, think Leadpages before anyone else. 

One Of The Biggest Benefits Of Leadpages Is That Leadpages Gets You More Email Subscribers (Leads) 

Get More Email SubscribersA core benefit of using Leadpages is that when you use Leadpages, you can set up landing pages that help get you more email subscribers. 

An email subscriber is a type of lead (links to Salesforce). 

It’s all about getting more leads, so you can drive business forward and build your email list. 

The money’s in the list! 

It’s never been easier to build your email list with a free trial subscription to Leadpages. 

All you need to do is build a landing page that centers around gathering email addresses and lead data. 

Gathering email addresses and leads is kind of the point for Leadpages here. 

You build landing pages that convert by either getting the email subscriber / lead, or getting sales for your products. 

For now, let’s hone in on how to get more email subscribers. 

The short answer is, you build a squeeze page – a type of landing page – on Leadpages, and then roll out the landing page to Google AdWords. 

You can do this while you have a squeeze page with Leadpages. 

With Leadpages, Get More Conversions For Your Online Advertising  

Leadpages Get More ConversionsLeadpages is a great landing page builder for getting conversions through online advertising. 

When you are doing search engine advertising on Google or Bing, Leadpages is a perfect software tool that lets you build landing pages with conversion-optimized templates. 

When you are doing social media marketing to a sizeable audience, a Leadpages landing page can help you get conversions for your online advertising. 

First, you can optimize your landing page with a shopping cart when you use Leadpages. 

Second, you can optimize your landing page to generate leads, for future conversions. 

Third, you can feature products on your landing page to cause direct product sales. 

Getting conversions is really easy and intuitive with Leadpages, and is one of the biggest benefits of Leadpages. 

When you want more conversions from your pay-per-click advertising, get conversions with Leadpages to get started. 

One Of The Benefits Of Leadpages Is That Leadpages Makes Hard Tasks Easy

Benefits of Leadpages EasyBuilding landing pages used to be a time-consuming and repetitive task. 

It might seem as hard as solving a Rubik’s cube, but it’s as easy as pie – and as easy as eating apple pie!

Now, Leadpages has made the art of building a landing page very easy – with conversions included. 

Leadpages has a no-code drag-and-drop editor that lets you build your landing pages with ease. 

It’s so easy to customize your landing page, that even your grandparents could do it! 

Leadpages makes hard tasks easy – it’s a benefit of Leadpages that it’s easy to use – and that is why I recommend Leadpages. 

Whether you are a veteran marketer or you don’t have any experience – a true beginner – Leadpages gets you results without breaking a sweat. 

Anyone Can Use Leadpages Successfully  

Benefits Of Leadpages Easy To UseLeadpages is an easy-to-use and intuitive landing page builder. 

Anyone can use Leadpages successfully, from marketing departments all the way to your mom’s sister making a birthday invitation to send out over email. 

There are a plenitude of uses to Leadpages, and we are very happy to use it as well. 

Whether you are a single mother getting started with her business, an established architect seeking new work, or a successful small business owner, you can work on Leadpages. 

The Leadpages landing page builder is available with a 14 day free trial, and it’s more inexpensive than any other landing page platform! 

Anyone can use Leadpages successfully. 

With Leadpages A/B Testing, You Can Increase Your Conversion Rate  

Get A Better Conversion Rate I have heard from too many marketers who tell me that every 1 percent increase in conversion rate results in an extra $1,000 per month in revenue for their business! 

I tell them to go to Leadpages, because they have built-in A/B testing that lets you test variations to your landing page in real time. 

You send 50% of your traffic to version 1, and 50% of your traffic to version 2. 

You find that version 1 converts at 28%, and version 2 converts at 36%. 

Then, with Leadpages, you can send the remainder of your traffic to version 2, and earn a higher conversion rate. 

All of this is automated by Leadpages, with no extra work on your side. 

A/B testing is a prominent feature for many modern marketers. 

Leadpages makes this possible, and It’s all built into Leadpages with no extra work. 

Higher conversion rates are possible with the A/B testing from Leadpages. 

Summary & Conclusion 

All said, there are many benefits to Leadpages. 

As written above, here are again the top 7 key benefits of Leadpages: 

  1. The Inexpensive Landing Page Builder 
  2. The Mobile Responsive Landing Page Builder 
  3. Gets More Email Subscribers (Leads) 
  4. Gets Conversions For Your Online Advertising 
  5. Makes Hard Tasks Easy 
  6. Anyone Can Use Leadpages Successfully 
  7. Includes A/B Testing 

You can use this fascinating landing page builder without spending too much money. 

Leadpages is mobile responsive. 

It helps you get more email subscribers and leads. 

You get more conversions for your online advertising. 

It’s really easy to use. 

In fact, anyone can use Leadpages successfully. 

As you weigh the pros and cons of buying Leadpages, factor in these many benefits, and you will make a smart choice. 

It features A/B testing, so you can improve your conversion rate with campaigns. 

Sign up for a 14 day free trial of Leadpages and get started today. 

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