My Weight Loss Journey – Day 1 to Day 16

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One day 1 of this weight loss journey, I weighed 269 lbs.

I made the decision to lose 100 pounds in 1000 days.

I think I’ll make it.

Day 16 is today, and I now weigh 256.8 lbs.

What was the difference?


I bought Hydroxycut from Walgreens, and I have lost nearly 1 lb per day!

It’s an incredible weight loss tool, and I am happy I have it.

Here is my before weight loss picture:

Weight Loss Before With Hydroxycut

I am happy that this picture is here, so I can compare it to my weight loss after.


The Hydroxycut is a tough med at first, but it really works…

The results are speaking for themselves.

I am so thrilled that the Hydroxycut has helped me lose 15 pounds in 15 days.

I am hopeful to see if I can lose another 15 by the end of the first month!

Thank you for reading.

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