Saint Seiya – Brave Soldiers Review

Saint Seiya – Brave Soldiers Review

Saint Seiya is certainly not for everyone. The manga and later anime series is the hit in Japan and in a few European countries so far.

It is incomprehensible why there is no translation from Saint Seiya to this day and so it has not been successful. Enough time had the makers for it, because the series has been around since the 1980s!

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Saint Seiya – A spanking game like any other?

But at least the developers have always brought the corresponding games to the market. Although you usually have no idea what you experienced in Saint Seiya or Saint Seiya – The Hades – but the style inspires anyway.

After a small excursion with Saint Seiya – Sanctuary Battle into the action-adventure-scene, the series returns with Saint Seiya – Brave Soldiers again into the well-known brawl milieu.

A failed idea of ??history

But do not be under the illusion that the developers want to address a mass audience with the game. You know that Saint Seiya is a niche product.

So the creators renounce from the outset on a localization. All lyrics are in English and the lyrics are in Japanese. Sure, if you know the original series, you’re happy about the well-known speakers. But if you do not know English, the fun goes by fast.

Nevertheless, the game Saint Seiya wants to bring you closer. There is a history mode that will give a short version of the series. Only stupid, if you as newcomers can not follow the course.

The narrator presents only a few main characters. The others bounce through the picture without explanation in still pictures and therefore speak meaningless stuff for the layman. Even the story lacks the common thread, events sets the game together wildly. After a few episodes you give up and do not care about the confused story.

Over 50 characters with brazen copies

Despite the weak history mode, the game basically wants to prove it’s better than Naruto Shippuden’s Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 , One Piece, and Co.

Around 50 characters are available to give your opponents one on the turnip. You unlock them throughout history and other modes.

For you, this is a lot of work that does not honor the game properly. Because behind the 50 characters are not hiding different individuals. You can expect many copies of the same heroes who have just slipped into other clothes.

There are six versions of Seiya alone, and Shirya, like Shun, receives five. This is as disappointing as Dragon Ball Z Kinect , considering that the series offers a lot more characters and could give you more variety.

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