saint seiya soldiers soul review

saint seiya soldiers soul review

Fan of Zodiac Knights , I have good news for you, soldiers soul is the best game based on the work of Masami Kurumada . But before you get too excited, I also have some bad news. Given the average quality of the Athena Knights saga adaptations in gaming, the above statement is not a big compliment.

Soldiers soul continues the slow and gradual progression of the franchise in games, started in Battle of the Shrine (2012) and expanded in Brave Soldiers (2013). This evolution results in the Zodiac Knights game that we wanted from the beginning. As for the first time we can play all the bows in the classic series – the ones you accompanied on television.

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Fun to play

The original Knights story is finally complete with the addition of the Asgard saga. The anime’s exclusive arc which, despite, is better than much of the original manga story. You can even argue that the story is not fully adapted. The episodes that lead to the battle of the 12 Houses and various minor characters are missing. But the most important fights in the story are all represented in the game, and even better can be selected. by the player right away. That is, you don’t have to go through the Shrine saga to check out Asgard, for example.

Then the campaign begins and you realize that the static drawings of Brave Soldiers have been replaced by cutscenes. Great! But the excitement fades quickly when you realize the complete lack of animation in these scenes. Knights stand still most of the time, and when there is action, she is a little embarrassing. You can’t understand why they didn’t use the Big Bang attack here. They also take expository dialogue to explain what happens in the plot. This is even more evident in Asgard, who in the anime details the story of the God Warriors in flashbacks – all cut out of the game.

Golden Soul

Soul of Gold is not in the game, but you can play in the newly-released divine anime armor. Golden Battle mode revolves around them. With isolated battles that put the golden knights into clashes that had previously existed only in the fan’s imagination. What if Aiolos faced his tormentor Saga, or Shaka met forces against Shun wearing his armor. Virgin? Here the cut scene locking structure works best, as they are just dialogues that give context to these fights.

The gameplay had some occasional new features, such as the addition of aerial combos. But the combat is the same as Brave Soldiers, the latest game produced by Bandai Namco . While the strengths of Knights games (and anime titles in general) lie in their content, it turns out to be a long-term problem as fights end up repetitive and unchallenged at some point.
Give me your strength, Pegasus

Undoubtedly, Soul of the Soldiers main attractions is location, with classic anime voices making their debut in the franchise games. Choosing voice acting as the best reason to check out a new Knights product has been commonplace in recent years. But this applies even more forcefully to the Soldiers Soul . It’s impossible not to smile when you hear Hermes Baroli , Leticia Quinto and company already on the menus, or to get carried away with the rumblings of Leonardo Camilo and Gilberto Baroli after unleashing that Phoenix Bird or a Galactic Explosion on the enemy.

Final Conclusion

Even with some changes – some inevitable, such as Maralisi Tartarini (voice actor for Shina, who died last year), other absences felt, such as Marcelo Campos (Mu) and Sidney Lilla (Shido). Most of the cast is It keeps the same and represents its characters with mastery, even facing a much more difficult and lasting recording process. As games require the recording of single sentences that leave the voice actor much longer inside the studio.

With a content progression that has been built for over three years, Knights of the Zodiac: soldiers soul is finally the anime game the fan has always dreamed of. Even though the title goes far beyond mastering the seventh sense of gameplay. A solid foundation is in place for the Bandai Namco team to continue working on it and perhaps turn into one of the company’s top brands in video games as well.

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